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A glimpse...

I just caught a glimpse of myself in two mirrors as I was getting ready for bed and I had to stop. I looked into my eyes and I couldn’t stop smiling and loving my reflection. I am so happy and I’m glowing. When I gazed at myself I am seeing the most beautiful version of myself. I have no makeup on. I see my light, the light I show to others. I cried in that moment beautiful tears of recognition for the work I’ve done to get to this point. I used to avoid the mirror. The eyes I used to see myself were clouded with self ridicule, loathing and judgement. It’s like there was mud in my eyes. Now my view is clear of any self sabotaging thoughts. I see love everywhere I look and it is glorious.

I will keep this memory as a reminder of the light I see within. Remember to stop and see your own light. See yourself as you would have others see you. Love yourself fully in each new moment. Let your light shine, I promise to shine mine!

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