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Hi, my name is Lisa René Engleberg. I am an activator, channel, crystalline guide, healer, muse, performer and space-holder. My divine mission is to dive into the depths of the love, magic, and mystery in the collective as a whole; as well as activate those frequencies within each individual soul I come into contact with. The divine essence I bring forth into the world radiates from my heart and is connected to the Omni present, and eternal source of unconditional love.


I have explored into the unknown caverns of shadow, and darkness within myself, and the collective humanity as a whole. I have chosen this space so intimately, so that I may be a master and a guide for those who are here to walk through the scariest pieces of themselves and come back into wholeness on the other side. 

I am very attuned to the frequency of pure and absolute unconditional love, and I know how to hold a place of zero judgement, and full acceptance of any being in their entirety. 

I am here to weave crystalline truth through the ethers, and be a walking beacon of love, harmony, respect, truth, and unity. I deeply understand that by touching one heart at a time, and by spreading one act of kindness at a time, we send out ripples and waves of change into the collective consciousness of humanity. I have the potent ability to dive into the depths of the earth, and the ancient and sacred waters of life without creating attachment. I understand the soul’s limitless and boundless freedom which allows me to also soar into the heights of the vast, infinite eternity of all creation. I have the ability to channel a range of archetypes connected to the divine feminine Goddess - the essence of life itself. I can channel powerful sensual energy and understand the sacredness of sexual expression. I can also channel the innocence and purity of a young child. Both of these energies come through my voice and create a space for absolute purity in the healing energy I bring into the world with my voice and presence. 

I am here to be a humble and devoted reflection to all that I encounter. I am here to remind the human collective of the deepest truth that we are all of the divine, we are all of the creator, and nobody is exempt from the infinite love we have access to within our own hearts and bodies. 

I hold the highest vision for humanity to live in a world of peace and Unity, and it is deeply engrained into my cells. I am here to assist in creating a reality in which all humans are included, seen, loved, embraced, appreciated, and welcome exactly as they are. 


I understand the perfection in all of creation. 

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