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This poem showed up on my Facebook feed today. I wrote this 2 years ago and I sing it regularly. I hope it lifts you as it does me.

I sit here by candlelight and I begin to write A prayer for humanity Let’s release the insanity

Release the fears Shed the tears Be open to it all Listen for the call

Do the work now I will, I vow Let’s share Show we care

So that others can see Healing possibilities I am because you are I’m revealing my scars

Please see me true All I ask of you Ready to bare my soul Releasing control

I accept who I am Not with the program Living my life out loud Even in a crowd

You just have to be you Literally all we can do Accept the truth within Let your life begin

Let’s start in this moment We don’t have to invent Some story of how we should be Let it all go and be free

Shadow work is hard Peel the layers and discard Energies that are ready to leave Let yourself grieve

Let go of your should’s Turn them into could’s Release the judgements No more regrets

I bet you’ll find You’ll learn to be more kind To yourself and others Universal love occurs

Because when I don’t judge me and I open my eyes and see The light of LOVE is real Look inside and feel

Practice what you preach See who you can reach Let love lead the way Remember to pray

I love you, Love me... <3 Lisa René

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