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As I sit and face each mirror The path I’m on gets clearer Each time I choose love The heavens sing from above I am here to plant a seed We can release the need To try to control the future It’s pointless that’s for sure Surrender to the plan set forth Always remember your worth Be present in each moment Never have a regret The lessons need to be learned No need to be concerned Dream the life you want Make spirit your confidant I say this to you The message is for me too Hold space for the pain Release it to the earth again Be a conduit Ground, breathe, get through it Don’t hold it in Go within Grieve when you need to Let the energy leave you This is a time of transformation It’s a choice within your creation Get out of your own way Forgive yourself, it’s ok I thank myself for this reflection I’m going in the right direction

Written 7/27/18 ❤️ me

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