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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

On December 16, 2017 I met Maxine and my life changed forever.

Maxine turned 88 on this day and I was her gift. Max had been in hospice for 3 months when I went to see her. When her friend contacted me she asked me to sing anything I could to “help her transition be more peaceful”. I arrived and she had 4 friends there with her and pretty immediately I sang to her and it was captured on video. I’ve sung to many people in this way (flowing/channeling) and it’s never been videoed. This was a very special and sacred moment which is why I’ve held it close to my heart for this time. Max died the next day in her sleep and her friend thanked me for my help. I sang “let peace and love wash over you for the rest of your days”. I felt peace and love washing over her as I sang to her. I saw it in her eyes as she relaxed and her eyes watered as she gently smiled at me the whole time. Max loved Frank Sinatra so I also sang “My way”... and her friends turned it into “Max did it her way...” and it was beautiful and heart warming experience for us all.

I have been being called to sing to those entering and leaving these earthly vessels. I didn’t understand why until I met Maxine. I’m here to be in Service to humanity in this way and I am not sure what this looks like and I’m open to so many possibilities and collaborations.

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