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Learning to love the sound of your own voice and singing freely is a catalyst to learn to love yourself and feel completely free in your own life. Ready to learn more?


Can you say “I love me” out loud?  Thank you.

Now, to make it a little more fun, sing

“I love me” however you want. Good!


This very quick practice automatically shows you one of my favorite mystic teachings that have transformed many of my clients in ways they never expected. 


Singing can be extremely powerful for spiritual growth, accepting every piece of you, and realizing that there is a beautiful creatrix within you that wants to be played with and can expand the amount of love you feel on a daily basis. 


As a vocal doula, I create a safe and sacred space where we free your beloved voice. In turn, freeing one more piece of your soul that was waiting to break free from the limiting belief cage.  

Vocal Doula


  • Any limiting beliefs on your voice are completely wiped away

  • Suddenly, you can speak (and sing) in front of others with more confidence

  • Your playful spirit expands and you find yourself smiling throughout the day

  • You realize that if this is possible, anything is possible!

  • Your vocal range increases with your confidence level

  • Your creative and sexual energy increases and inspiration comes easily

  • Expressing yourself suddenly becomes easier 

  • Your soul vibrates at a higher frequency

  • Laughing and having fun become a daily habit you can’t shake off

Here is a video of yours truly singing with a bit more information on what a vocal doula is:

I am a vocal doula

What does this mean to ya?

I create a safe space

and we’ll go at your pace

Free the voice within

Are you ready to begin?

Breathe now

I’ll show you how

Connect to your womb

There is no waiting room

Let your innocence rise

Right before my eyes

Freedom to play

and be silly all-day

Do you need to cry?

Never let it pass you by

With me, you’ll learn to love

The you, you never dreamed of

Some of you may say

I’m not a singer today

Our voices heal

As we reveal

Our own beautiful sound

There is no rebound

When you see your light

and you’re about to take flight

There’s no stopping you

I’m your flight crew

Lifting you up

Helping you fill your cup

Could you love yourself more?

I’ll help you find the door

To your heart

We only have to start

When we sing our prayers

and all of our cares

Our vibration lifted

In this we are gifted

True angelic bliss

Never forget this

Be courageous with me

Let’s set ourselves free

60-Minute Session

$88 US

s/88 Peru

90-Minute Session

$111 US

s/111 Peru





Rediscover your divine self with harmonized mystery teachings that will have you embody love, liberate your body, and raise your vibrations for the next step of your spiritual evolution.


Take a deep dive in recreating your life to embody love, liberate your spirit, and raise your vibrations through guided mind-body-spirit harmonization tools.


I see you. Yes, you! I see your divine light. I see the spark within your heart. You are loved exactly as you are and sometimes people need a reminder. Through life, we forget about our own divinity, our own power, and even our purpose for being on this planet. 


That’s why I offer Intuitive Healing Sessions where I hold space for you to cleanse, clear, and release blockages that are keeping you from loving yourself, loving others, and loving life. These sessions are quick activations to raise your frequency, let go of the past, and realign your mind-body-spirit connection through any situations you are facing. It doesn’t matter if the situation that has triggered you happened 5 minutes ago or 50 years ago, I am here for you through whatever you need with a motherly love.


  • Know/remember what unconditional love feels like

  • Feel a smile on your face everywhere you go

  • Free yourself from the bondage of your past

  • Have an extra perky step in your daily walk feeling extremely confident

  • Give yourself permission to open and trust like never before

  • Reclaim your power 

  • Remember your divine sovereignty and never question it again

  • Awaken your soul with everlasting peace, love, and transformation

Here are some of my most popular activation techniques:

  • Archetypal channeling (the divine mother, the inner child, etc)

  • Cellular activation/Reprogramming my clients on all levels

  • Chakra clearing

  • Clearing, cleansing, releasing: Clearing Karma + Ancestral pains / energies / patterns

  • Heart Activation

  • Harmonic re-balancing

  • Inter-dimensional journeys

  • Self-Love Mastery

  • Sound Healing

  • Source Activation

  • Transformational work with all cycles: Life, Death, Re-Birth

Recorded session upon request.

Intuitive Alchemy/Intuitive Healing Sessions:

60-90 Minute Session

$111 US   s/111 Peru

Feeling the call to have more than one Intuitive Healing Session?

Harmonizing 1:1 Package

Buy 3 Get/ the 4th Half OFF. 

Gifting Someone Else

Sacred Events

Lisa adds a unique flare to any event where she can make someone feel special. Invite Lisa to sing at your special event and keep an eye out for events she creates.

Sacred Events

Music is the sacred language of the universe

Lisa has been singing since she was 5 years old, spending her early years singing on stage in churches, school, and plays. Lisa is a songwriter/poet and has performed with many South Florida Musicians over the years. She is open to new collaborations and performs often with her beloved, Mark. Lisa and Mark  love bringing musicians together to jam, don't miss these events when they pop up, so much fun!

Lisa's truest calling is to sing you your name, to sing to your loved ones, to sing to the world. Lisa has sung hundreds of names over the last few years at many different types of events and circumstances. 

Some events Lisa has had the honor of sharing her voice at:

• Baby Showers / Mother's Blessings

• Weddings / Blessingways

• Breathwork Gatherings

• End of life transitions

• Sacred Ceremonies 

• House Parties

• Online Events

• Bar/Nightclubs

• Art Galleries 

• Nute Nite in Orlando as "The Love Guru" where Lisa sang around 1000 names in one weekend!

• The "God Mother" mural at Art Basil with artist Johannah Birney 

Women's Vocal Activation

Discover the transformative power of our Women's Vocal Activation Retreat in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while exploring the depths of your voice. Join us for a unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Rebirth Album
rebirth saved from facebook.jpg


Released 9/2022 to all streaming platforms.

Relax, close your eyes and listen to the whole album at once if you can, it's an experience to be had, if you choose.

No upcoming events at the moment


Released 7/2023 to all streaming platforms.

This album is 90% vocal album. I am creating all of the melodies with my voice. This album was actually recorded before "Rebirth" but wasn't produced until after. Please enjoy the medicinal vibes.

No upcoming events at the moment
Ceremo Albumy


Released on my birthday 2/21/2024 to all streaming platforms.

This album was recorded with the purpose of holding sacred space. Whether you are with plant medicines or feeling the meditative vibes. Please open your heart and enjoy!


© 2020 Lisa Rene. 

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