I want to take this opportunity to write about my teachers. The ones who taught me so much over the years. I want to thank God for choosing me to bring forth the gifts he has give me. I am incredibly grateful for it all. I'm truly honored to share. 

Aaron Erickson "Aaronanda" taught me how to meditate. About 10 years ago he had monthly meditation meetups in his home. After a friend helped me realize how much I needed meditation I sought it out.


I went regularly. He teaches all different types of mindfulness and meditation... including my favorites... heart breath and laughing!! My super power is getting a whole room to laugh so I was completely at home.


I've also taken the thai bodywork part 1 class twice. My loved ones love me for learning how to massage them. I've also received bodywork from Aaron and had private yoga classes in my home. (He also is a yoga teacher trainer, check out his site below).

Thank you so much Aaron for completely changing my life for the better. You were my very first teacher on oneness. I love you and I appreciate all of the healing you are bringing to the world and that you have brought to me.

I met Lourdes Starshower at one of her Tantra Puja events. I am so grateful for her classes on so many levels. She really taught me how to connect with others. Eye gazing, hands on heart, hands on face... connection. It was an upgrade on intimacy for me in a completely safe, non-sexual, environment. 

For the last few years Lourdes has thrown a "Marry Yourself" wedding. Everyone gets to go to the front, look in  a mirror, and speak their vows to themselves. I got to do this. It changed everything for me. I knew that I could not continue in my life the way I was and still honor the words I spoke to myself. I was also invited to sing every persons name to them after the completion of their vows. It was sacred and beautiful... and life changing. 

Lourdes and I have also worked together over the years as she has invited me to sing at different events and gatherings. I am honored to sing at the blessing way ceremony that is honoring her and her beloveds passage toward unity later this year.

Thank you so much Lourdes for everything you have done for me, and especially your work healing sexual trauma in the world. We are truly blessed to have you.


Elaina Beam is an astrologer and I've been going to her women's circles for many years. I have also had my chart read by her many times. When Elaina was reading my chart for the first time she noticed in our conversations how bad I was talking about myself. She was able to give me tools in that moment that allowed me to re-train my subconscious to STOP the abuse.


 "STOP: Think of something beautiful"


It's that simple. I was dedicated to remembering to do this for 2 weeks. I put post-it notes on my computer, reminders on my phone... and it stopped. My mind stopped bringing me negative thinking because it knew nobody was going to let the thought in. Of course I have negative thoughts sometimes but I just apply the tool and they leave. 

I am so grateful to you Elaina, you really helped me start to love myself when you taught me these tools... and so many more. Thank you for everything!


Matt Kahn's teachings have been the most impactful teachings of my life so far. Transformation after transformation just by listening and feeling the vibration that is transmitted through his words. Really powerful and life changing.


Thank you Matt Kahn for making it ok to love myself, all the parts... the shadows, the ego. Thank you for reminding me to "BE THE LIGHT" and that I am just that... Thank you for all of the healing to my soul. I am part of the "Love Revolution" and this my thanks to you.

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Before I listened to Matt, there was Abraham, completely blowing my mind. Ester Hicks is a channel and Abraham (a group o comes through her. See her site for more details on that...

Abraham taught me how to manifest.. she taught me the power of our thoughts... about source energy.

I have listened to many talks over the years and I am so grateful for the downloads! So grateful for her medicine in the world.

I want to thank a few others that have supported me on my journey, see below:

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